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Our Signature-Based Detection Protection
  • Our UNIQUE build engine
    • Various methods to randomise on disk and in memory code.
    • Unlimited builds per user (20+- seconds build time)
    • Unique, from scratch source.
    • No third party tools or applications are used to achieve this.
    • Each build is 95-98% unique according to both cnPare and sigbench.
      • cnPare
        • byte for byte analysis
      • SigBench
        • byte pattern comparison (signatures)
[Image: YHaEiB8.png]
although sigbench results shouldn't be taken as fact as they can be tampered with, you can verify this yourself by generating several builds.
Looks sick
20 second build time with 96% difference, impressive o_o
@Justin present you Highlimits, I'm sick to get my approval and start using this!
You have been approved now jotinha2014
Bumping this because we're still undetected after improvements to the build system and almost 4 years

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