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Alright so after using highlimits for around 3 months I think it's time to do a quick review.

First of all the aimbot. Works great and I have no complaints about it, I win pretty much every duel Big Grin .
Glow is pretty standard, works as it should.
The trigger<3. Can't hate on the trigger with deagle or awp, havn't tried it with any other weapons but those work really well. 
I havn't used the sound esp, so I can't really talk on that matter but I'm sure it works well.

Now some constructive critisism Tongue.
I don't love the whole raw input off thing, it makes your movement worse if you havn't used it before. I have no idea if it's possible to make raw input on available with the cheat but it sure would be nice.
I think you (botpurple) need to check the forum a bit more often since the cheat doesn't work after a cs go update hits. It can take some time before you actually update it which a lot of your users get irritated by. 
Also the sound it makes when you inject and toggle glow can be kinda annoying, wish you could lower it or just turn it off completly, even my mates can hear it through my mic sometimes.

Besides that great and secure cheat with a good price Smile .
Yes I'm sorry about the update times.

I will add a toggle in the config for the sounds. I think you can adjust your noise gate though as a temporary fix so your teammates don't hear it.
Update times will be faster now, since im back here to help.

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