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Review after a short time period
Hello everone, happy new year!

After a couple days using the highlimits cheat, I wanted to give a quick review. 

My Rating From 0-5 
ESP (Glow): 4/5 ☆☆☆☆    - Nice but simple glow, sometimes it's flickering a bit. But thats not a big problem. No customization, but still very usefull. 
RCS: 4/5 ☆☆☆☆              - Very Legit looking, one of the best I've used I would say. -1 because there is no customization, which is not nessessary, but would be nice to have. 
Aimbot: 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆       - Extremly legit. Again, might be one of the best I've used sofar. I like the aimbot.aimkillcooldown feature. Not many cheats have this. Very usefull. 
Trigger 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆        - Not mutch to say, works perfect. Snipers have a magnetic trigger, which works very well. 
Sound ESP 3/5 ☆☆☆        - Not the best I've used, but it works good. Suggestions down below.
BHOP 4/5 ☆☆☆☆             - Love that you can change the bhop binding to whatever you prefer. That's not to be taken for granted. Suggestions down below.
Security 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆       - From what I've heard this cheat never got detected, thats why I will stay with highlimits for now. 
Config (Features) 2/5 ☆☆  - You can customize the aimbot very well. It does not have all the settings that other cheats have, but still. Other cheat providers give you more                                                    options to customize your cheat. But it still gets the job done. 
Price 3/5 ☆☆☆                 - 20 USD is a bit pricy for an external cheat that does not have all the features that other providers have. One big advantage is that this is a very                                                 small community, which is great for staying undetected. 
Updates: ?/5                    - Last update was posted at the 12.15.2018. There were other small updates thats for sure. Otherwise the cheat would not be working. A bit more                                                activity from BotPurple would be nice. 

Total: 3,8 ☆☆☆☆

Suggestions: Regarding the Sound ESP, I would love to have a 3d soundbot. So that the sound esp does not only beep when your crosshair is placed on an enemy. 
BotPurple, I'll send you a link via. pm so you see what I mean. 

Bhop: I would like to be able to set a delay in ms. Like bhop.min.delay=50 / bhop.max.delay=400
Not many cheats have this would be great if this could be added. Would also make it more legit. 

ESP: Show esp only when a key is pressed. So no toggle. 

Overall: Great cheat. Give it a try!
I know what you mean with the soundesp. I'll see what I can do but at the moment I designed it to make it as easy as possible to look legit.

Can do that with the bhop.

Thanks for the review. I'll add the espkey Smile

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