HighLimits Premium Undetected CSGO Cheats

HighLimits CSGO are a premium undetected csgo cheats provider. Tuned for legit-looking gameplay, we have everything you need to progress in csgo. Our CSGO cheats are incredibly well optimised utilising multiple threads to run extremely well even on not so great processors.

HighLimits CSGO has been undetected since 24/09/2016. We have the best unique build generator on the market. We have one of the best undetected records with our extremely powerful, complex and unique polymorphic build engine. Every time you request a build from our online web panel you will receive a build that is 99% unique on disk and <95% unique in memory.



  • Key
  • Bone
  • Aim Height Adjustment
  • Dynamic Distance based FOV
  • Smooth
  • Recoil Control System
  • Visible Check
  • Minimum Shots Fired RCS
  • Beep On Hit
  • Beep On Kill
  • Cooldown On Kill - Prevents aimbot from rapidly switching targets after kill.
  • Humanised


  • Key
  • Delay
  • Afterburst
  • Cooldown


  • Key
  • Fov
  • Max Distance
  • Always On


  • ToggleKey
  • Health


  • Key
  • Smac/Faceit
  • Miscellaneous
  • Silent Running
  • Multi Threaded
  • Panic Key

Advanced Config System

  • Weapon Configs for everything
  • Global Config
  • Weapon Groups

About Us

HighLimits provides effective legitimate looking CSGO cheats tailored towards giving you that competitive edge. Security is our number one priority taking up a large percentage of our total development time. If you are looking for a CSGO cheat for life, this is the one.

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  • Unique Build System (Dynamic and static mutation)
  • Memory Mutation
  • Secure Clean-Up
  • Process Disguising
  • Anti Debug
  • Anti VM
  • Other undisclosed methods

Anticheat Support:

  • Valve Anti Cheat 3 (VAC)
  • Matchmaking (MM)
  • Source Mod Anti Cheat (SMAC)
  • FACEIT Server Side Anticheat
  • Kickback
  • Unity PacificES
  • PopFlash
  • Kigen's Anticheat (KAC)

Supported OS:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista